The Wall of Honor is intended for the sole purpose of recognizing deceased Shakers who attended Saltville High, R. B. Worthy High, or any of the feeder elementary schools, regardless of graduation status. You may submit additional names here via email. The Wall of Honor page displays all the names at once without scrolling.
The Shaker Nation
Alumni of Saltville High School & R. B. Worthy High School
Saltville, Virginia

Plan now to attend
Shaker Nation All-Class Reunion 2015
Saturday, September 5, 2015
(Saturday before Labor Day)
11 am - 2 pm 
Northwood High School

Attention, 1965-66
Shaker Football Players!
Coaches Harry Johnson and Nelson Ross, along with Charles "Squirrel" Warren, are organizing a football team reunion for the players of 1965-66 on Friday, September 4, 2015 (the day before Shaker Nation Reunion 2015).  Your help is needed in reaching as many of the team members as possible. Please contact Charles Warren at one of the following:

home phone: (931) 854-0240
cell phone:  (931) 252-2759
mail: Charles Warren, 730 East 20th St., Cookeville, TN 28501

Approximately 500 Shakers attended

Shaker Nation Reunion 2014

Spirit Stick for Best Attendance:
Class of 1964

Oldest in Attendance:

Ruth Farris Buchanan, Class of 1940

Pauline Everhart, Class of 1943

Winner of the 2014 Shaker Signature Quilt Raffle:
Doug Routh, Class of 1960

Shaker Wall of Honor
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Robert Aebersold
Carlis Allison
Charles Allison
Easly “Jiggs” Allison
Leonard “Butch” Allison
Virgie Allison
Bea Hyman Allison
Donna Allison
James Clinton "JC" Allison
Opal Griffin Allison
Randall Allison
Billie Smith Anderson
Linda Anderson
Rosemary Hunt Anderson
Bea McCready Anderson
William "Bill" Anderson
Chuck Arnold
Joseph Arnold
Bay Arnold
Richard "Benny" Arnold
Garland Arnold
Eddie Asbury
Lucille Rector Asbury
Joan Atherton
R. D. Atwell
Doris Cannon Austin
Bill Barbrow
Craig Barbrow
Helen Williams Barbrow
Jeter Barker
Marilyn Taylor Barnard
Daisy Barrett
David Barrett
Donald Barrett
Franklin Barrett
Howard "Punk" Barrett
Jackie “Pete” Barrett
J. R. Barrett
Terry Barrett
Roby "Bug" Billings
Elizabeth Fields Bise
Doug Blackwell
Oaklea Blackwell
Robbie Blake
Bobby Boardwine
Frankie Boardwine
Jerry Boardwine
Fred Borders
Freddie Borders
Dallas Bowman
Jeff Boyd
John Branson, Sr.
Bob Brickey
Dallas Brown
Annie Arden Buchanan
Brandon Shane Buchanan
Eddie Buchanan
Raymond Buchanan
Jim Burgess
Nancy "Zipper" Burkett
Betty “Toppie” Cahill
Ronnie Cahill
Helen Callihan
Charles "Chili" Campbell
Junior Campbell
Goldie Totten Campbell
Sidney Canter
Bonita Marshall Cardwell
Claude Cardwell
Elmer Cardwell, Sr.
Leon Cardwell
Peggy Hayden Cardwell
Jeff “Higgins” Cardwell
Ricky “Coolie” Cardwell
Wayne Cardwell
Claude Carpenter
Kenneth "Ace" Carpenter
Carl Carter
Charlie Carter
Margaret Ellis Carter
Tammy Haynes Carter
Thomas McKinley Carter, Sr.
Helen Burkett Cassell
Verna Haynes Cassidy
Rachel Catron
Billy Chapman
Freda Pauley Chapman
Kenneth Chapman
Larry Chapman
Michael Chapman
Ronnie Chapman
Evelyn Davidson Chapman
Ralph Preston Chapman
Trula Chapman
Fred Church
Thomas Clapp
Ruth Holloway Clark
Tommy Clear
Viola Clear
Wanda Clear
Robert Cochran
Jimmy Coe
Nancy Price Coe
Mike Collins
Peggy Smith Collins
Lois Sword Comer
David Corcoran
Yugonda Corcoran
Hilda Coulthard
Agnes Little Cox
Bob Crabtree
J. F. Crabtree II
Doris Caywood Crawford
Jack Crawford
Jerry Crawford
Jim Crawford
Gene Cregger
Johnny "Notch" Cregger
Zac Cregger
Judy Helton Crews
Betty Cullop
Roy Cullop
Bill Davidson
Enda Rhea Davidson
June Davidson
Eugene Davidson
Leona Proffitt Davidson
Mack Allen Davidson
Tim Davidson
Margaret Davis
Angela Dawson
Jimmy Dawson
June Branham Debord
Mildred Moore Debord
Ralph Debord
Robert "Head" Debord
Wayne Debord
William "Balbo" Debord
Diana Debusk
Billy Delp
Randy Delp
Helen Hayden Doane
Tessie Phipps Doane
Connie Harris Dollar
Tony Dotson
Vick Dye
Edith Coe Dye
Vernon Eastridge
Jeff Elmore
Randall Evans
Robert Everhart
Henry Everhart
Blake Farris
Raymond Farris
Carolyn Kestner Ferguson
Joylyn Clark Freeman
Harry Fry
Eva Frye
Cathy Frye
Karen Frye
Lucky Frye
Greg Fullen
JoAnne Bordwine Fullen
Cheryl Mitchell Galliher
Brenda Debord Gates
Terry Gilbert
Whitley Gillenwater
David Gillespie
Jimmy Gironda
Clarence "Junior" Goff
Lloyd Goff
Rona Allison Goff
Jeff Grady
Mike Grady
Mitzi Carter Greer
Mary Lou Griffin
Charles Griffin
Garland Griffin
Fonnie Lee Surber Griffitts
Shirley Debord Gross
Edna Roberts Hagy
Judy Sykes Hahn
Audrey Hardin
Charles Harris, Jr.
Eugene Harris
Fremont Harris
Johnny Harris
Preston Harris
Sonny Harris
Steve Harris
Wayne Harris
Harold Harrison
Cecil Curtis Hatfield
Eunice Poore Hayden
Arthur Hayden
Eugene Hayden
Hilda Hayden
Janie Hayden
Ronnie Hayden
Sue Carol Hayden
Troy Hayden
Tim Haynes
Tom "Samuel" Haynes
Larry Hayzlett
Judy Helton
William Otis Helton, Sr.
Hugh Helton
Emanuel Henderson
David Henegar
Billy Joe “B” Henegar
Glen Henegar
Ernestine “Teenie” Roberts Henegar
Jack M. Henegar
Freddie Hicks
Mike Hogston
Sheila Smith Holley
Bud Holmes
Brenda Holmes
Jeffery Holmes
Jimmy Holmes
Ronald Lewis Holmes
Dewey Hunt
Curtis Hunt, Sr.
June Walls Hunt
Bertha Repass Hutton
Claude "Buddy" Hyman
Tom Hyman
Tommy Hyman
Carolyn Jackson
Teresa Jackson
Wanda McNew Jackson
Diane Johnson
Ernie Johnson
Gerald Johnson
Mary Eloise Johnson
Jay Fletcher Johnson
Jeannette Frye Johnson
Mildred Hogston Johnson
Rose Hogston Johnson
Travis N. Johnson
Roger K. Johnston
Ronnie Johnston
Mike Jupin
Danny Ray Keith
James Edward "Eddie" Keith
Arlin Kestner
Martin Kestner
Ricky "Colonel" Kestner
R. J. Kestner
Mike Kestner
Robert "Maneater" Kestner
Mary Ann Maiden Knauer
Ruth Roberts Lawrence
Billy Lee
Don Lee
Franklin "Chester" Lee
George Lee
Charles "Marv" Little
Lawrence Little
Lily Little
Marvin Little, Sr.
Ruth Little
Gilmer Louthian
Mac Mabe
Charles Maiden
Ed Maiden
Garnett "Buck" Maiden
Margaret Maiden
George Maiden
Larry Maiden
Cecil Marshall
Debbie Smith Marshall
Hazel Routh Marshall
Judy Marshall
Leroy Marshall
Ruth Marshall
William David “Buddy” Marshall
J. Leonard Mauck
Darrell McAllister
Gail Polstra McCormack
Hilda Byrd McCoy
Bert McCready
Joe McCready
Rodney McCready
Sally Henderson McCready
Stan McCready
Joe McElraft
Jerry McNew, Sr.
Edythe Roberts Mellinger
Jim Mellinger
Joe Miller
Nancy Hogston Miller
Reed Miller
Carolyn Mitchell
Sandra Mitchell
Audrey Montgomery
Ernest Montgomery
Ronnie “Simon” Montgomery
Tammy Coe Montgomery
Maizie Roberts Morgan
James Moore
Lynn F. Moore
Monte Moore
Dolly Cregger Morgan
Don Morgan
Elaine Poore Mullins
Vanessa Neal
Darlene Nutter
Richard Nutter
Charlie Olinger
David Lee Olinger
David William Olinger
Ernie Olinger
Jeff Olinger
Jeffrey Olinger
John Hugh Olinger
O. C. Olinger
Stevie Olinger
Thier Lee Olinger
Edna Little Osborne
Kelly Osborne
Dorothy Overbay Owens
Dolores Parks
Harold “Dean” Parks
Jimmy Parks
Frankie Pauley
Lisa Pauley
Cheri Marshall Phillips
Janavee Phipps
Tivis Pickle
Pauline Dawson Plumb
Virginia Polstra
Ted Poore
Frances Porterfield
Patsy Kestner Poston
Gladys Little Powers
Barbara Moore Price
Cecil Price
Melanie Davidson Price
Ricky "Peanut" Price
Harold M. Puckett
Elvertia Repass Puckett
Catherine Rapp
Troy Rector
Treva Smith Repass
Eddie “Bear” Rickman
Novella Hayden Roark
Barbara Robbins
Aretta Helton Roberts
David Roberts
Eugene “Beanie” Roberts
Hardy Roberts
James Roberts
Landon Roberts
Ruth Barrett Roberts
Ted Roberts
Bill Rolen
George "Duke" Rolen
Johnny Rolen
Ray Rolen
David Routh
Leroy Sanders
Billie Sanders Schwartz
Fred Selfe
Ashley Sexton
Willie Sheppard
Rosemary Collins Sheets
Betty Boardwine Shelley
Jerry Shipp
Jay Shortt
Chuck Shreeves
Lori Shreeves
Mary Small
Billy Smith
Bryan Smith
Charles "Brother" Smith
Charles H. Smith
Claude Smith
Gina Hogston Smith
Glen Smith
Jackie Smith
Johnny Smith
June Catron Smith
Leota Smith
Luther H. Smith
Mike “Big Mike” Smith
Mike "Smitty" Smith
Pamela Price Smith
Tommy "Sorearm" Smith
Virginia Debord Smith
Virginia Thompson Smith
D. R. Snodgrass
Virginia Catron Snodgrass
Ray Struder
Eunice Davidson Sturgill
Junior Sturgill
Carol Goodman Sumpter
Curtis Surber
Curtis Dale Surber
George Surber
Jeff "Whoopeye" Surber
John Surber
Tazoni Taylor Surber
Teresa Surber
Thomas Surber
Tracy Surber
Jerry Sword
Tony Sykes
Attie Hyman Talbert
George "Monk" Talbert
Gerald Talbert
Jean Ella Surber Talbert
Leonard Taylor
Sylvester Taylor
William Boyd "Fish" Taylor
Dale Tolbert
Arthur “Star” Tolley
Charlie Bill Totten
Charles “Corky” Tuggle
Lewis Sanders Tuggle
Gracie Debord Walker
Yvonne Walker
Don Wall
Harry Wall
Charles "Chink" Wassum
June Webb
Maiden Webb
Eddie Whitely
Billy “Big Bill” Whitely
Linda Surber Whitley
James Whitely
Don Williams
Helen Neff Williams
N. O. Williams
Shelby Davidson Wright
Ricky “Rodchester” Woods
Danny Woodward
Robert "Hammer" Woodward
Ruth Hyman Woodward
Lola Worsham
Ruth Frye Wright
Neal Yontz
Dave York

We remember you, our old friends.

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