Photos needed for 2014 Reunion Slideshow

2014 will mark five years of consecutive annual Shaker Nation Reunions, and we want this next reunion to be extra special! If you have photos, audio recordings, videos, or any memorabilia you are willing to display for the next reunion, please contact Tina or Randy as soon as possible. We will scan and return photos to you.  Email us at
The Shaker Nation
Alumni of Saltville High School & R. B. Worthy High School
Saltville, Virginia

Shaker Nation organizers request your recipes for Shaker Nation Cookbook

Do you have recipes you are willing to contribute to a cookbook? We welcome all recipes and especially those with connections to our Shaker history...R. B. Worthy cafeteria's homemade rolls, for example! Because recipes frequently remind us of loved ones and stories about them, we also welcome those stories for inclusion in the cookbook. 

Submit your recipes and stories in either of the following ways:
---by email to
---by regular mail to Randy Surber, Attn: Shaker Nation Cookbook, 622 Possum Hollow Rd., Saltville, VA 24370

If we can compile enough recipes for publication, we will have them for sale at Shaker Nation Reunion 2014.  This will no doubt be a treasure of memories for all Shakers! Check back here for information and progress on the project. 

Over 400 alumni attend
Shaker Nation Reunion 2013

Oldest alumnus in attendance:
Ruth Farris Buchanan, Class of 1940

Traveled the farthest:
Sonny Minton, California

Honorable mention to Connie Minton Wilkinson, who recently moved back to Saltville after having lived in Melbourne, Australia, for several years

Spirit Stick awarded to Class of 1963

Class of 1961 ran a close second!

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